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What is the Jasper International Academy?

The Jasper International Academy is part of Jasper Global Corporation and operates worldwide through two main delivery models, Classroom and a Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) which can be used as a blended classroom including virtual delivery or even 100% online. Fully validated  Qualifications in Leadership and Management and other subjects are available.

The classroom delivery is provided by domain specialists in the areas of Oil, Petrochemicals and Gas, Health and Care, Education both Higher and Vocational, Finance, Investment and Securities, Food, Beverage, Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality, Defense and Military, Cyber and Economic Crime. Included are new short duration qualifications in Business and Leadership Skills.

The VLA is a global platform complimenting its classroom delivery that delivers recognized educational awards and qualifications for international students in an innovative way using the latest web enabled virtual learning technology and high quality, proven learning materials.

It has been designed to provide cost effective 100% online virtual-learning solutions for professional career development, acquiring practical business skills and learning for personal development. In addition courses and programmes can be supported remotely online by our qualified team of education related domain specialists.

The prospectus of qualifications and courses is extensive with over 200 courses created by specialists in their field and are all certificated, which means that learners always get acknowledgement of their learning achievement no matter how small.

Jasper International Academy Open for Personal Improvement – Career Development and British Qualifications

“Using Advanced Learning Architecture, like speed reading speed learning utilizes techniques to speed up the assimilation and accommodation of information processes. Our courses are constructed to speed up the learning process. The world in which the learner needs to operate, does not approach things in the form of different subjects, but as a complex myriad of facts, problems, dimensions, and perceptions.”


Jasper International Academy Open for Business Improvement and British Qualifications

Does your business have the skills it needs to succeed in a fast paced changing market place and environment? Can you nurture talent, build the workforce of the future, boost your staff motivation and increase productivity and profitability? In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment companies must innovate in all areas of the business and to do that they need skilled people and wisdom.

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Jasper international Academy is dedicated to delivering innovative e-Learning courses by high-level sector specialists in a flexible and interactive way. Our e-Learning courses allow you to interact with other participants, to exchange ideas, and to ask questions to the facilitators, who all come from different backgrounds and which contributes to the richness of our training content. Each course is developed by an international expert with an in-depth understanding of current challenges and issues. Their real-world experiences allow participants to gain relevant and practical insights from their learning.

International Public Centres | Buy and Access Courses Online:

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Research Study by US Department of Education

A major research study by the US Department of Education in 2009 concluded that, on average, learners using elearning performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. | Report |

If you have never used virtual-learning before then consider this:

We are in an increasingly connected global community with endless numbers of ideas and information to share. There are more than 3.5 billion connected mobile phones, smart phones, and digital communicators and computers on the planet. In the country of Finland alone, more than 1 billion text messages were exchanged in 2005 (so how many now). The number of e-mails, text messages, and IM’s exchanged on a daily basis continues to grow exponentially and all this futurist thinking estimates that at the moment only 19% of the world is currently “online.” By all appearances, it seems we are standing on the precipice of an ubiquitous connectivity global shift. And it seems as if the more we are connected the more we want to engage with ideas, information, and one another in ways that had not been possible even just a few years ago.

  1. Virtual-learning has been embraced by thousands of companies and millions of individuals across the globe for self-learning. Most learners are experiencing successful outcomes using the latest technology. This is especially so when deployed as part of a wider business or personal professional development strategy.
  2. Virtual-learning can be deployed cost effectively and efficiently whilst offering a wide choice of topics.
  3. The quality of content, pedagogy and technology deliver a rich interactive learning experience which allows the learner to embrace the topic at a pace that suits them while adapting to different learning styles: a win-win situation.

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