Are Your People Your Weakest Link?

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Are your people your weakest link?

It would seem that no part of our digital-driven lives is free from potential hackers, and many articles point to people being a vulnerable entry point into your IT system that you have spent many thousands of dollars protecting.

Employees are your open back door in domestic terms.

Consider this:

A CEO of a large business liked expensive cars and made no secret of it. When a glossy brochure, addressed to his home, came through the letterbox with pictures of lovely looking new Jaguars in it, he did not hesitate to pick it up. Flicking through, he found inside an innocuous-looking CD with concept cars pictured on the front, and his interest was piqued. After putting it into his computer he was still unaware that because he used the same password at home as he did at work, an enormous amount of damage would be done. And it was (Bill Walker, Technical Director at QA).

This highlights that vulnerabilities exist at all levels of the organisation, so one way to protect your organisation is to make sure that all employees are trained in basic cybersecurity, are aware of password security and can help towards keeping your organisation safe.

Jasper International Academy, through its Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime, offers a wide range of training courses and qualifications aimed at all levels and roles within the organisation.

  1. Don’t expose your organisation to cyber risk.
  2. Turn your people into your first line of defence rather than your weakest link!

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