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Jasper International Academy Specialities are divisions of work which may be defined by specialist areas, for example (Management and Leadership and Business), (Investment Securities and Banking), (Cyber and Economic Crime), (Virtual and “E” Learning) or combinations of these areas.

Each of our specialist CONSULTANTS or TRAINERS are assigned a MAIN SPECIALITY and two SUB-SPECIALITIES by Jasper International Academy to which the CONSULTANT is contracted. This is a way of assigning expertise and experience minimums in order to be accepted and taken seriously by international clients, it may include qualifications but certainly includes a minimum number of years specialist international experience. Sub-Specialities broaden the specialists ability to work in a generalist environment where experience of more than one speciality is required for efficient and effective deployment.

Specialities are not an alternative name for FACULTY as in University FACULTY

A Faculty usually refers to the academic staff of a university: professors of various ranks, lecturers, and/or researchers. The term is most commonly used in this context around the world, and generally includes professors of various rank: adjunct professors, assistant professors, associate professors, and (full) professors, usually tenured (or tenure-track) in terms of their contract of employment.

Our Specialists are not full time Academics, often they have had at least 20 years front line experience and as part of thier work some do teach at a number of international learning establishments.


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