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“The process of applying to a university can seem daunting and horribly complicated, strewn with acronyms, and advice coming at you from all directions. It is also a wonderful time when you are really forced to consider your future and imagine yourself, years hence, as a proper grown up! So, all at once stressful and potentially enjoyable, how do you navigate this crucially important hurdle in your life?”

About | Go University?

While studying your English Language Course we can help and guide you around what to expect, both within University life and culturally in the country of your choice. We will advise you and work with you to develop a staged career plan.

Some thoughts and worries:

    • “It may seem that there is a lot of secrecy and rumour surrounding the examination procedure into Oxbridge.  Even this term “Oxbridge” is sometimes not fully understood by many people, but from our point of view much of this is easily explained.”
    • “With so many essays available for purchase at the touch of a button, you might wonder what the point is in learning how to write a great essay. Why should you waste your precious time when you could be hanging out with your friends or playing on your Xbox or Wii, you may be thinking.”
    • “I have always believed that curiosity was a sign of intelligence. This has struck me over and over again: the people I have met whom I consider to be clever and successful in their field all share the characteristic of an enquiring mind – not just about their own chosen subject but about the world in general.”
    • “Amazingly of the top 10 fears we often feel, most people will rate speaking in public as more fearful than death!  Communicating even simple ideas in front of an audience can have even experienced speakers, actors, politicians and business people looking to the wings for help.”
    • “You cannot learn to be a great presenter in one day. To be honest, you probably can’t learn to be even a good presenter in one day. You’ll be lucky if you end up decidedly average.”
    • “To move information from your short term memory (where it is held for the test) to your long term memory most of us need to see it repeatedly.”
    • “You probably already know everything about yourself that would make you a suitable candidate … but the people reading your CV don’t want to wade through it all just to match you with the role they are trying to fill.”
    • “A desperate agent offered me £500 to replace her sick speaker at short notice. I wasn’t up to it but succumbed to financial temptation… And regretted it. After five seconds people started talking. After ten seconds, people booed. And after thirty seconds, bread rolls started to rain down on the stage. Where had I gone so disastrously wrong? I set about finding out.”
    • “When addressing an audience, every word you choose to use can have a powerful effect on the people listening to you, on either a conscious or unconscious level. Your words can – literally – change people’s minds. Talk too much, however, and your message can become diluted, so diluted that it becomes lost and you might as well have said nothing at all.”

Jasper International Academy

“Do your have the skills you need to succeed in a fast paced changing market place and environment? Can you be talented, and be part of the workforce of the future, boost your motivation and increase productivity and profitability for a company?”

“It is important to understand the many skills and qualities required to be an academic because simply stated, having a good PhD is not enough to secure the job and to succeed in the job. If you feel that you are lacking in a particular area, then develop a plan on how to improve – we can help you do that.”

Jasper International Academy

Life and Career Skills, Core Subjects and Modern 21st Century Themes, Collaboration and Group Learning – Organizations rely on a range of fundamental and often intangible skills to ensure that they are able to fulfill their fundamental functions efficiently and effectively. These are the skills that keep the wheels of business turning. |- Do you have them?

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