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Investment & Securities

Investments and securities is a highly competitive and profitable industry. Work often involves a combination of skills, as well as dedication and financial savvy. The investments and securities industry involves the management of the buying and selling of various financial instruments, along with offering advice on these securities. Individuals who work in this fast-paced industry have a strong understanding of the financial market and the ability to keep pace with current events that could affect the stock market.

The current talk in the City is the VW crisis. The City may yet rue VW’s Libor moment as another industry faces a crisis. The most immediate implications are for the German company itself. Half a million vehicles were immediately recalled in the US, each potentially incurring a fine of up to $37,500, implying a theoretical maximum bill of $18bn-plus. And that’s before the knock-on costs of compensating consumers, litigation and damage to a powerful brand that is built on reliability, not to mention another 10.5m vehicle worldwide, which could also end up being caught up in the scandal.  Little wonder then that VW has just seen one-fifth of its value disappear. This crisis threatens the entire social and economic fabric of the town where VW was founded in the 1930s, where even today more than half of the town’s 120,000 inhabitants work at the local VW plant, a sprawling complex that covers some 6.5 sq km. Many of the rest provide the services which those employees need, such as shops and restaurants.

The company is facing potentially huge financial penalties in the United States, not to mention possible prosecutions and an avalanche of lawsuits. Enquiries are also taking place in several other countries. It’s not yet clear whether the scandal will spread even wider. Financially the consequences are likely to be huge. VW has already set aside €6.5bn (£4.7bn) to cover the costs of recalls and pay for efforts to rebuild the brand.

The Jasper International Academy, Investment and Securities Centre operates globally, covering financial and economic topics such as investment planning, hedge funds, financial policy, financial reporting, international trade and bank management. Our trainers/consultants are specialists within their fields and work day-to-day in the industry, which means our courses and qualifications are developed around real experiences and draw upon the latest best practices and issues within the industry.

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