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Welcome to Jasper International Virtual "E" Learning Academy!

Jasper International Academy is proud to launch the first fully supported online Qualification "Foundation Award" – an internationally recognised qualification aimed at those moving into, or just starting out in a career in supervision.

International Qualifications Online

The Award is part of our suite of international management qualifications that are designed to support and recognise the development of potential and experienced managers at all levels, and to help them to progress in their chosen careers.

What Qualification will I Get?

The Foundation Award is a unique international qualification awarded by Jasper International Academy. The full title of the qualification is "Foundation Award" and we offer many subject specific Awards.

How Much Learning is Needed to Get the Award?

The Award comprises of a minimum of 20 hours study that covers essential skills like problem solving and decision making followed by primary and secondary optional units that make up the remaining learning hours required for the award.

How Does the Supported Development Learning Work?

This supported award comprises of a blend of high quality directed e-learning followed by oral assessment to ensure that the learning is embedded. It is expected that the candidate will also carry out self-study in order to complete the course.

During the Course!

During the course of the Award, skype tutorial / sessions will take place to measure progress. A final summative assessment will determine whether the candidate has attained the standards and gained the Award. 

Assessment How it Works?

Assessment takes the form of written work based assignments and or professional discussions and questioning by the tutor/assessor. Written assignments are submitted via email depending on the award, and are marked using an ILM approved marking scheme.

What Resources Will I Receive?

Each candidate will receive a Virtual Learning Handbook as well as a Candidate Handbook. All the online learning materials will be provided via a secure username and password login to the Jasper International Virtual Learniong Academy.

How Will the Award Help Me In My Career?

The Award forms the first rung of your management learning pathway giving you the basics on which to build. There is one mandatory unit followed by optional units that together form a holistic job related qualification to further your career.

How Long do I have from Registration to Gain the Award?

Registration with Jasper International Academy lasts for up to three years, usually a single Award can be completed in 20 hours or 4 / 5 days.

When Can I Start?

You can start immediately – there is no waiting for induction days or annual and quarterly intake of students we provide a unique rolling programme. To request more information by email: Please use the Customer Ambassador form to contact us.

What Are the Entry Requirements?

You will need to have a reasonable level of English to be able to complete the Award as well as access to an internet connected computer and skype.

What is the Jasper International Virtual Learning Academy?

Study On Line at home or work and at your own pace - no large up front payments - quality content and up to 3 Years to Complete the Qualification!

The Jasper International Virtual Learning Academy is part of Jasper International Academy historically a British organisation with a global platform that delivers awards and qualifications for international students in an innovative way using web enabled virtual learning technology and high quality, proven learning materials. It has been designed to provide cost effective 100% online virtual-learning solutions for professional career development, acquiring practical business skills and learning for personal development.

If you have never used virtual-learning before then consider this:

Virtual-learning has been embraced by thousands of companies and millions of individuals across the globe for self-learning. Most learners are experiencing successful outcomes using the latest technology. This is especially so when deployed as part of a wider business or personal professional development strategy. Virtual-learning can be deployed cost effectively and efficiently whilst offering a wide choice of topics. The quality of content, pedagogy and technology deliver a rich interactive learning experience which allows the learner to embrace the topic at a pace that suits them while adapting to different learning styles: a win-win situation.

The prospectus of qualifications and courses is created by specialists in their field and are all certificated, which means that learners get acknowledgement of their learning achievement.

Who are "Jasper International Academy"?

Jasper International Academy (JIA) is also part of the Jasper Global Corporation (JGC), "The Improvement Scientists", a dynamic, highly focused globally operating group of companies delivering innovative human capital and knowledge management solutions and tools to leading international clients. JIA is the "learning arm" of JGC, engaged in bringing in the much needed higher education "gap-fillers" towards organisational and career improvement. JIA will ultimately cover all the markets in which JGC operates. For those visiting JIA for the first time, please take the time to browse through the Prospectus to decide which courses are best suited to your learning.

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Are you a Student wanting to learn on line and gain a  Qualification or are you a Corporate Company wanting their own online "Academy"?

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The Jasper International Academy UK Support Office - Contact Details: If you need any further help then contact us by telephone on: Land line: +44 115 9406933 or click the Customer Ambassador button at the top.

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