Who is Hacking your Computer? Friend or Foe?

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Who is Hacking your Computer? Friend or Foe?

Forget swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean and creaking ships, the new pirates on the block are hackers – the pirates of the computer age. They no longer sail the seas but work from spare bedrooms and offices all over the World.  Recent research has shown that 75% of hackers come from 10 countries and these will certainly surprise you!

Friend or Foe? You decide.

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No. 1 on the list, China, is in the news again.

Let’s be honest, China’s economic growth has been nothing short of spectacular, lifting millions out of poverty and creating billions of dollars of wealth.

China’s growth is slowing down however let’s put that slowdown into perspective. Economists estimate that China’s growth in 2015 was the same as the size of some countries’ total economy, which is why any change in China has such a devastating effect on worldwide economies. According to the IMF, China’s economy in 2014 was worth $17.4 trillion.

The scale takes your breath away.

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Also, breathtaking is the fact that China is also the world leader in cybercrime. According to the Information Security Institute, China was responsible for 41% of all global cybercrime attacks.

There are 640 million Chinese people connecting to the internet on a frequent basis so IT is a favoured profession. According to a New York Times report, skilled IT programmers receive substantial support from the Government and despite the growing number of companies providing cybersecurity services, hacking in China still offers lucrative work opportunities.

But China is not the only country.

What about the ‘land of the free’, the land of Disney? The United States, according to TopYaps, is responsible for 10% of the world’s hacking, putting them at No. 2 on the list. This is where hacking originated as the computer age started in America.

Next in line is a favourite holiday destination – Turkey.  Surprising but Turkey is responsible for 4.7% of hacking in the world – No. 3

Russia, together with Eastern European hackers, are regarded as the most dangerous in the world and responsible for 4.3% of hacking, targeting large corporates such as Facebook, Twitter etc. So beware of No. 4.

Another surprise at No. 5 in Taiwan, regarded as a hub for internet piracy. Always regarded with some sympathy due to its political vulnerability, Taiwan nevertheless contributes 3.7% to worldwide cyber-attacks.

Think Copacabana beach, carnival, host of the 2016 summer Olympics and cybercriminals that specialise in stealing money electronically and you have Brazil, No. 6 on the list contributing to 3.3% of the world’s cyber attacks.

Ever heard of Ramnicu Valcea? Probably not. It has earned the moniker of ‘Hackerville’ and is in Romania. It has become a safe haven for cybercriminals that contribute to Romania being responsible for 2.7% of worldwide hacking and comes in at No. 7.

The wonderful aroma of exotic spices, the romance of the Taj Mahal and the bustling of 1,304,162,999 people make India one of the most fascinating of countries. Not so fascinating, however, is the 2.5% of worldwide hacking that India contributes making it No. 8 on the list.

Some of the world’s most delicious food and one of its most famous dishes, pizza, originates from Italy and so does 1.6% of the world’s hacking attacks putting them at No. 9 on the list. Not such a comforting thought as you munch through those slices of pizza!

Finally, a small European country famous for inventing the biro pen and Rubik’s cube and has the highest ranking of all Nobel Laureates comes in at No. 10. Yes, it’s Hungary, that friendly country with horses and hot springs.

So there you have it. The next time you read about large scale hacking, or even small scale hacking, you may have some idea of where it has originated. Maybe.

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